Pornstar Hooker Alert is a news resource and database
of Pornstars, Adult Talent Agencies, Adult Talent Managers and Escort Agencies
designed to:

  • Assist law enforcement in identifying illegal escort and prostitution rings.

  • Assist professional pornstars (who care about their health) in being aware as to which of their colleagues and co-workers may be exposing themselves (and consequently the entire porn industry talent pool) to Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) by having sex for money with untested (and often anonymous) individuals.

  • Educate the American public about the reality of the Los Angeles porn industry which is often the gateway to illegal escorting and prostitution.

  • Offer assistance in finding alternatives sources of income to escorting and prostitution, to women who are currently trapped in the illegal escorting lifestyle.

The goal of is to transform the Los Angeles Pornography industry
(and the American Pornography industry as a whole) into a much more safe, reputable
and professionally run work environment.

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